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Suzanne Leduc, DVM, cVMA


Dr. Leduc grew up in Dearborn, Michigan. She attended Wayne State University in Michigan and earned a chemistry degree while managing an equine racetrack practice. She obtained her doctorate in veterinary medicine from Michigan State University and worked in a veterinary practice after graduation until she and her husband Scott moved to Oregon in 1991. She worked at McKenzie Animal Hospital, Springfield, and then became an associate veterinarian at Edgewood.

After some time away from the clinic while homeschooling their son and doing veterinary relief work, Dr. Leduc was invited to rejoin Edgewood Animal Clinic in October 2016.

Although Suzanne was initially drawn to veterinary medicine through her deep connection to animals of all sorts, she says “the meaningful human relationships complete me as a professional, and being back at Edgewood Animal Clinic fulfills and enhances my deep desire to make a difference.”

She and her husband Scott own a farm that, over the years, has included goats, turkeys, rabbits, cats, chickens, dogs, a cockatiel, and bees. Her first pet was an iguana. From there she graduated to dogs, horses and cats. She has shared her life with finches, lovebirds, cockatoos and cockatiels.

Suzanne is a skier, triathlete, sailor, and hiker. She loves to read, loves music, and walks with her family and dogs.

Suzanne Leduc